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There is a common misconception that the stronger the mortar the better and that removing cement repointing will do more damage than leaving it in.

Both are incorrect, mortar is sacrificial

so should be weaker than the masonry it is used to build.

Above is a example of what happens when you repoint with a mortar that’s harder than the stone.

Over time the stone has failed not the pointing, now to cut out and replace this stone will cost the homeowner four times as much as having it repointed.

Depending upon the size of your property, how much repointing is needed and if scaffolding is needed, repointing can be a big expense and you could get a handyman to do it “cheaper”  but by using a professional you are also paying for years of experience and knowledge.

For example knowing how deep to rake a joint out as it varies or how best to rake it out without damaging the stone or brickwork, right down to selecting the right sand and lime ratios etc to give you the appropriate finish and colour mortar.

Plus you have the added bonus that it will make your home look brand new!

We are now booking in 2024 projects, please feel free to get in touch for a free no obligation quote.

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